How Often Should a Golden Retriever Be Groomed?

Golden Retrievers need to be groomed regularly. It’s a vital part of their care – as much as feeding them and taking them for walks is essential. The good news is that whether you decide to get your Golden Retriever professionally groomed (or not) is entirely up to you

If you enter your Golden Retriever into shows, you may consider hiring a professional to ensure they look extra shiny and clean but if your Golden Retriever is primarily a family pet then you can probably get away with taking care of this yourself.

You can keep on top of most of your Golden Retriever’s grooming needs from your own home as long as you have the right equipment. 

Read on for some common questions (and answers) you might have when it comes to Golden Retrievers and their grooming needs.

What Does a Professional Groomer Do?

This answer might vary slightly depending on where you live, which groomers you use, and what services they offer. The cost will then vary based on what you want them to do – for example, the full works will cost more than just a bath.

You can usually expect a groomer to offer:

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nails clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Haircut

Of course, since they are professionals, the finished result is usually a pristine, clean Golden Retriever. They’ll be returned to you smelling pleasant and immaculate – until they go near another puddle, a patch of mud, a body of water, or grass.

With professional groomers, you also get to avoid the mess, save the time of doing it yourself, and skip buying all the equipment and products that you’d otherwise need. The downside is that you’re paying someone else to do it, and will have to get your Goldie to and from the groomers for their regular appointments. 

One extra benefit of a groomer is that they can sometimes spot problems or health issues that you might have missed – like a lump growing, an infection, or a tender spot on your dog. They’ll let you know and you can then make an appointment at your vet.

Are Golden Retrievers Double Coated?

Golden Retrievers have double coats – they have a soft, fuzzy undercoat and a long, smooth outer coat which both act slightly differently. 

Their topcoat keeps them safe from the sun in the summer and warm in the colder months. It also helps when they swim as their double coat repels water.

The undercoat helps to keep them warm in the winter by growing thick and fuzzy, once it starts getting warmer the undercoat will start to shed. 

It’s especially important that you groom your Golden during the hotter months to keep them comfortable. One bonus of a professional groomer is that they thoroughly wash and dry both coats – which can be harder to do at home. 

Should You Shave Your Golden Retriever’s Fur?

No, you should never shave your Golden Retriever’s fur. It may be tempting in the summer when it’s so hot but your Golden’s fur serves an important purpose. Shaving their fur can expose their sensitive skin to the sunlight which can burn them. 

Shaving your Golden Retriever will not help to cool them down in the summer as dogs cool themselves by panting and through their sweat glands in their paws. Other ways to help them cool down include giving them cool water to drink, creating a shaded area for them to go to, and putting a damp towel or cooling mat down for them.

If you have a show dog or want their coat neatened up your best option is probably to get a professional groomer to sort it out. They are experienced and know how to make the best of your Golden’s coat.

What Equipment Should I Buy to Groom My Golden Retriever?

Grooming your Golden Retriever should include brushing their coat, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping. These can all be done at home if you feel confident to do so, but other options include the vet or groomer (for nails and ears) or just a groomer (for their coat and teeth).

A slicker brush is a good way to keep your Golden’s topcoat nice and smooth and free from matting. You’ll need to brush them every couple of days to stay on top of the grooming

You can pick these supplies up from any pet store. Just make sure that you double-check that the products are for Golden Retrievers – for example, they might need a different brush than a short-haired dog would need. All products like shampoo and soap should be dog-friendly.

How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever? 

A lot of people choose to bathe their Golden Retriever only when they get dirty. This could be pretty often as Goldens are notorious for rolling in anything stinky they can find. One of the problems with their gorgeous golden coat is that it shows up any mud and stains.

Some people aim for once or twice per month while others opt for every 6-8 weeks or longer. Ideally, your Golden Retriever won’t go past 8 weeks (at the most) without a bath.

As long as you choose a shampoo which is kind and gentle on your Golden’s skin then it should be fine however frequently you decide to bathe them. Research online and then take a trip to your local pet store to pick up the bath products for your Golden.

Factors that might affect how often your Golden Retriever is bathed include whether there are any local parasite issues, how long they spend outdoors, how often they go swimming, and if they live in a rural or urban environment.

For more on bathing your Golden Retriever, check out this post.

How Often Should I Groom My Golden Retriever?

Grooming your Golden Retriever should be done at least 2-3 times per week. This keeps their fur healthy and stops it from matting – especially in those longer areas around their ears, chest, backs of their legs, stomach, and tail.

Toothbrushing should be done daily (if they’ll let you) or at least a few times per week. You can also give them dental sticks to help keep up with cleaning their teeth. Sometimes the vet will recommend a full tooth clean, and they can carry out any extractions or dental work as necessary. 

Nail clipping should be done as often as needed to keep them nice and short. You can usually check by looking at them if they’re too long. Leaving them long will make it uncomfortable for your Golden to walk on them. Every two to four weeks is a rough guideline.

Related Questions

How Do I Find a Good Groomer for My Golden Retriever?

One of the best ways to find a good groomer for your Golden Retriever is by recommendation and word of mouth. If someone you know has been somewhere and told you about it, you can trust their judgment that it’s a good place. You can also research online, read reviews, or call local groomers to ask any questions you might have and check their social media for photos of their work.

How Long Does a Trip to the Groomers Take?

The answer to this depends on what services you’ve paid for, the size of your Golden Retriever, and the condition of their fur to start with. And grooming for a show Golden would likely take even longer. Sometimes you can wait while they’re groomed, and other times you’ll leave them at the groomers and collect them later that day.

Do Golden Retrievers Have Natural Oils?

Golden Retrievers have natural oils in their fur that help them stay water-resistant and repel dirt. This prevents the dirt from matting on your Golden. Washing your Golden Retriever too often will lead to these oils coming off and their coat would become dull as a result.

What if My Golden Retriever Is Difficult to Groom?

If your Golden Retriever is difficult to groom, make sure you let your groomer know. This can usually be worked around – they have harnesses and secure restraints for the most wriggly Goldies. They’re also experienced with uncooperative dogs and will be confident to handle them.

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