How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run?

Fully grown Golden Retrievers can run (at a sprint) around 30 to 35 mph (miles per hour).

Which, surprisingly, is not as far behind how fast a greyhound can run (45 mph) as I thought it’d be  – which is the symbol of speed in the dog world.

Though it does vary between individual dogs, Golden Retrievers usually need at least two hours of exercise per day to stay healthy and prevent boredom.

And if you’re encouraging your Golden Retriever to run, it’s critical that they’re in good health and fed a consistently healthy diet (including plenty of water).

Read on below for a fact-filled page of information about Golden Retriever’s top speeds, the factors that affect their speed, and more.

What Affects How Fast My Golden Retriever Can Run?

There are a few factors that can affect how fast your Golden Retriever can run:

  • Age: We’ll cover below how different ages mean different running speeds and exactly how fast a puppy or fully grown Golden Retriever can run. Similar to humans, a toddler or very elderly person won’t be winning any races! 
  • Health: Goldies in good health will be able to run a lot longer and faster than a Goldie with health conditions such as arthritis, mobility issues, or obesity. If your dog is showing signs of any issues, always get them checked by a vet. 
  • Training: Just like how we would start off doing short runs and increase as our stamina and strength improve, your Goldie needs to build up to be able to run fast and for long periods.

How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Puppy Run?

Golden Retriever puppies love to run. These little bundles of energy love sprinting around – but only for short bursts because they get tired fast.

Young Golden Retrievers can run up to 20 to 25 mph! You’ll need to make sure that you limit your puppy’s exercise until they’re 12-18 months old. 

This is important, as you can cause long-term issues if you over-exercise a young dog (of any type).

How Fast Do Fully Grown Golden Retrievers Run?

Adult Golden Retrievers (once they have fully grown) are capable of reaching speeds of between 30 and 35 mph (at a sprint).

Adult Goldens have great stamina and can go for miles. This makes them ideal partners for hiking, running, and exercising. Just make sure they have good recall training or put them on a strong leash because you’ll have your work cut out trying to get them back if they run off.

Can Older Golden Retrievers Run as Fast?

Like other dog breeds, Golden Retrievers start to slow down as they age past seven years old. At this point, their top speed will be lower and they’ll be less active than they used to be.

As long as you’re careful not to push your Goldie too far, you can carry on taking them for walks and runs. Just be mindful to monitor them for any typical age-related issues which may develop and affect their mobility. And be prepared to let them rest if they need it.

If you suspect any problem developing, it’s always a good idea to get it checked out by a vet. Natural signs of aging include stiff joints, sleeping more, and less activity. But if there are any signs whatsoever of pain, you should get them checked over by a vet.

Can I Train My Golden Retriever to Improve Their Running?

The best way to build up your Golden Retriever’s stamina is by starting small and slowly increasing it. This can be done by planning an exercise schedule. You should typically start off letting them run only short distances then, as they build their endurance and their muscles get stronger, start gradually increasing this. 

It’s important to not push your Golden Retriever too far when they first start running. Lots of encouragement and interaction will soon make running one of your Goldie’s favorite activities.

The more they run, the more they can improve so they can one day run even faster and for much longer.

A fast-running Golden Retriever will use a lot of energy, so it’s important to make sure they’re being fed a healthy, balanced diet. This is again a very personal choice which will differ from person to person, but making sure they have a lot of fuel as they exercise is crucial.

The same goes for water, keeping them hydrated is extremely important. It should be a priority to give them access to drinking water before and after exercise. We tend to take a bottle of water out with us which is specifically to quench their thirst.

Comparisons to Golden Retrievers Running

To re-cap, a Golden Retriever puppy can run 20-25 mph and an adult 30-35 mph.

But let’s put that into full context:

Animal/ PersonTop Speed (mph)
Golden Retriever Puppy25
Usain Bolt (Berlin 2009)27.8
Kangaroo/ Domestic Cat/ Grizzly Bear/ White Tail Deer30
Adult Golden Retriever35
Border Collie/ Great Dane/ German Shepherd35
Grey Hound45
Quarter Horse47.5
Peregrine Falcon200

Useful Tips and Advice With a Golden Retriever Running

Here are some helpful tips for when you take your Golden Retriever out for a run:

  • Stop for breaks if they’re panting heavily or slowing down: Be extra careful here as your Golden Retriever would probably over-exert themselves to try and please you so they might not stop when they need to.
  • Remember to hydrate: Water is important all the time, but especially in hot weather and after exercise.
  • Keep in mind that all Goldies are different: Some may be faster or not have as much endurance but they’ll be trying their best.
  • Monitor for any injuries: You’ll need to call your vet as soon as you spot a problem. This can prevent the injury from getting worse from continued use.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings for any potential danger: Watch out for unfriendly animals, vehicles, and anything else that could harm your pet.
  • Make sure their recall is good if you let them off the lead: Otherwise you’ll have a nightmare trying to get them back.
  • Have fun: Your Golden Retriever will love running with you, take these tips and enjoy!

Related Questions

Why Are Golden Retrievers Good Runners?

Golden Retrievers were originally bred to be working dogs. They date back to Scotland in the 19th century where they were trained to run and retrieve animals shot by hunters. To this day, they retain their athletic characteristics.

How Far Can Golden Retrievers Run?

Most Golden Retrievers should be able to run around 4 to 5 miles in one running session. However, the exact distance will vary and depend on factors like their age, physique, and training. With proper training, this distance could more than double. And on the other hand, some Golden’s will run a lot less.

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