Top Christmas Films With Golden Retrievers in

When December rolls around everyone’s minds turn to Christmas trees, turkeys and traditions, there are so many ways to get into the Christmas spirit. One way to do this is to watch Christmas films. 

Since this website is all things Golden Retriever, I thought it would be appropriate to compile a list of my top five Christmas films with Golden Retrievers in!

In no particular order, my top five choices for Christmas films starring some gorgeous, talented Goldies:

  • Santa Buddies.
  • A Golden Christmas.
  • Golden Winter (aka Santa’s Little Yelpers).
  • 3 Holiday tails (aka A Golden Christmas 2: The Second Tail).
  • 12 Dog Days Till Christmas.

For anyone who found those interesting, I’ve also included my top Christmas films with dogs that look like Golden Retrievers in:

  • Santa Paws.
  • Santa Paws 2. 
  • The Dog Who Saved Christmas. 
  • The Dog Who Saved the Holidays. 
  • Chilly Christmas (aka A Christmas Tail).

Check out the full article to find a short summary of each film, the ratings, and more!

Summary of the Top Five Christmas Films With Golden Retrievers:

If you’re here for a quick recommendation, this table tells you everything you need to know including the name and film running time if you’re looking for some inspiration for what to watch this Christmas. 

FilmRelease DateFilm LengthRatingThemes
Santa buddies20091 hour 28 minsUAdventure, Family, Fantasy
A Golden Christmas20091 hour 35 minsPGComedy, Drama, Family
Golden Winter aka Santa’s Little Yelpers20121 hour 29 minsTV-GComedy, Family
3 Holiday Tails aka A Golden Christmas 2: The Second Tail20111 hour 28 minsUComedy, Family, Romance
12 Dog Days till Christmas20141 hour 30 minsUFamily

Fair warning – there’ll be spoilers ahead!

Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

This film came out in 2009, has a running time of 1 hour 28 mins, and is rated U. There are themes of adventure, family, and fantasy.

The Buddies films are a favourite of mine, a fond memory from a childhood of watching Disney films. To date, there are seven films, all of which follow the lives of five adorable Golden Retriever puppies. 

These talking Golden Retrievers are Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha, and Mudbud – siblings who all have unique personalities and a knack for having adventures. 

Santa Buddies sees the pups team up with Puppy Paws, the fun and mischievous son of Santa Paws who is Santa Claus’ best friend. Keep an eye out later on in the list, you might spot a link!

At the North Pole, Santa Claus and Santa Paws are worried because the magical Christmas icicle is melting due to a decline in Christmas spirit. If something doesn’t change soon, Christmas will be gone forever…

Meanwhile, Puppy Paws sees Budderball’s name on the naughty list and thinks he’ll be the perfect pup to learn how to be an ordinary dog. Puppy Paws runs away into the real world and tracks down Budderball. 

The only problem is that Puppy Paws accidentally upsets each of the Buddies with his antics. The Buddies don’t want Puppy Paws around and make him leave. But after having a change of heart, the Buddies go after Puppy Paws, but he gets caught and taken to the pound.

Puppy Paws learns an important lesson about the true meaning of Christmas and the Buddies race to his rescue. With the help of one of Santa’s elves, Christmas spirit returns and the magical icicle stops melting. The Buddies and Puppy Paws save Christmas and deliver all the presents to children around the world.

The film ends happily when the Buddies are all put on the nice list and Puppy Paws says goodbye to his new friends and stays at the North Pole with Santa Claus.

Which of the Buddies is most like your Golden Retriever?

Rosebud uses GIRL POWER to help her brothers and is very mature. She also dresses in the latest fashion and her favourite colour is pink

B-Dawg is SUPER COOL. He’s the leader of the pack. He is very trendy and loves basketball!

Budderball LOVES FOOD. The only thing second to food is football for Budderball.

Buddha is WISE and CALM and he practices Buddhism.

Mudbud is MESSY, he loves rolling around in the mud and having adventures!

Fun fact: The Disney buddies films are all based on the 1997 film Air Bud, about an incredible basketball-playing pooch. Played by a Golden Retriever named Buddy.

You can read about Buddy in my post on Famous Golden Retrievers.

A Golden Christmas

This film came out in 2009, has a running time of 1 hour 35 mins long, and is rated PG. There are themes of comedy, drama, and family.

When Jessica Wright was 9 years old, she followed a small dog into the woods and met a young boy who she nicknamed Han Solo (she was called Leia). They quickly became best friends. Jessica remembers the time they buried a time capsule together with the help of a friendly Golden Retriever.

Many years later, when a recently widowed, adult Jessie returns home with her son for the festive season, she is devastated to learn that her parents are selling the family home. Jessie was intending to surprise her parents by announcing her intention to buy the house and have a fresh start, but she’s too late!

This is when Jessie meets Michael, a single divorced, father living in town to who she takes an immediate dislike. Michael is buying the house for himself and his daughter. Jessie is doing everything in her power to keep her family house and change Michael’s mind.

Michael takes in a stray Golden Retriever who has an uncanny ability to find her way to Jessie’s house. Through these meetings, Jessie and Michael are forced to spend some time with each other and remember the past.

In this romantic comedy, the Golden Retriever played by a dog called Sherman ends up as a matchmaker. She brings two unlikely people together so they can have their happy ever after.

Golden Winter (Renamed as Santa’s Little Yelpers)

This film came out in 2012, has a running time of 1 hour 29 mins, and is rated TV-G. There are themes of comedy and family.

A lonely boy, Oliver, falls in with the wrong crowd. His workaholic parents don’t have much time for him and he’s desperate for a friend. He befriends a group of boys from a school who form a neighbourhood gang. 

To initiate Oliver into their group, the boys break into a foreclosed home that the owners abandoned, hoping to steal some valuable items. 

Inside, Oliver finds a litter of five Golden Retriever puppies who have been separated from their mum. The mother dog was taken to the pound and her puppies were left behind. 

Oliver finds the abandoned dogs and their papers that prove they are pedigree. The boys quickly hatch a plan to sell the puppies, leaving Oliver to care for the dogs until they can be sold.

Oliver decides that he wants to reunite the puppies with their mother and ends up teaming up with the pups to foil a plot of some criminals trying to steal charity money from a bank. The bravery from Oliver and the puppies saves the day and reunites the family.

The adorable Golden Retriever puppies are called Rory, Jumper, Tinkle, Snoozer, and Scarf.

You can watch this hilarious and heartwarming film on Amazon, Apple TV, or pick up a DVD from many high street retailers like HMV. And if you’re wondering what is Christmassy about this film – it’s set over the festive period

3 Holiday Tails (Also known as A Golden Christmas 2: The Second Tail)

This film came out in 2011, has a running time of 1 hour 28 mins, and is rated U. There are themes of family, comedy, and romance.

A retired couple living in Florida, Rod and Katherine Wright, are bored and unhappy. Their Golden Retriever Jake befriends a newly moved-in neighbour and her three Golden Retriever puppies (Mario, Luigi, and Pasquale). Through their dogs, Rod and Katherine got to know Lisa.

Lisa fills her neighbours and new friends in about her life, including stories about her ex-boyfriend David. It’s very clear that Lisa still has feelings for David – her former best friend turned boyfriend who broke her heart years ago.

Not long after, Lisa is walking her three puppies and Jake at a beach near her apartment. The dogs cause chaos by breaking loose from their leads and barging into a man, interrupting him right as he is about to propose to his girlfriend. Lisa is mortified to realise the poor man is actually her ex-boyfriend David!

David’s engagement ring and one of the puppies disappear. The fallout of this brings Lisa and David back to regularly speaking and meeting up when Lisa realizes one of her dogs has the lost ring! 

Coincidentally, Rod strikes up a friendship with David at a local basketball court. Katherine, Rod, and the dogs conspire to get Lisa and David back together.

This film begs the question: Were Lisa and David meant to be together? And seeing as David is moments away from proposing to another woman, how can a retired couple and four dogs change both of their lives. This romantic comedy is very entertaining and well worth a watch this holiday season.

12 Dog Days Till Christmas

This film came out in 2014, has a running time of 1 hour 30 mins, and is rated U. It’s a family film.

*This film isn’t exclusively about a Golden Retriever, but a Golden is 1 of 12 dogs that are involved in the main plot of the film.

Jack, a teenager in the foster system, has never had a home. With an alcoholic mother and a father in jail, Jack has always been in and out of foster homes. Jack has anger issues and sometimes lashes out and gets himself in trouble.

Despite his difficult childhood, Jack is a decent and good-hearted person. Jack ends up in trouble again a few weeks before Christmas. His probation officer hopes Jack can change and better himself, and has Jack doing community service in an animal shelter. 

The shelter is soon closing down and is currently run by three girls: Blair, Hillary, and Hillary’s step-sister Ryan. Immediately Jack plans to date Hillary. Ryan strikes a deal with Jack, if he can find the last of the dogs a permanent home, she’ll arrange the date for Jack.

Jack must find 12 lovable dogs homes before Christmas, if he fails, he won’t just be missing out on a date but the dogs would be euthanized. The stakes are high and time is short.

The more time Jack spends with the dogs, the more he realises the similarities in his own life as he desperately searches for perfect forever homes. With only 12 days remaining, Jack teams up with Ryan to save the dogs.

The dogs are called: Petunia (played by Petunia), Sadie (played by Piper), Titus (played by Jax), Clementine (played by Wilma), Romeo (played by Romeo), Poppy (played by Connie), Skippy (played by Pie), Mimzy (played by Lucy), Boomer (played by Cooper), Cassie (played by Jewels), Maggie (played by Jasper), and Bootsy (played by Roxy).

Fun fact: Lead dog Petunia, was actually a shelter dog and was rescued from an animal shelter to play the role. She was adopted by the trainer and flourished in her new home!

Top Five Christmas Films With Dogs That Look Like Golden Retrievers (But Aren’t) In

If you found the first half of this article interesting, you may want to read about Christmas films that have dogs playing main characters who look like Golden Retrievers but aren’t. If you think I missed any from my top five, see if they’re below and if you mixed up similar dog breeds to Golden Retrievers!

Two of the most common mix-ups I see are between Golden Retrievers, Yellow Labradors, and also Great Pyrenees.

Here’s an example of a Golden Retriever:

Here’s an example of a Labrador Retriever:

And here’s an example of a Great Pyrenees:

To learn more about the differences between Golden Retrievers and dogs like these, check out this post.

In no particular order, the top five films that are always mixed up as Golden Retriever Christmas films include:

FilmRelease Date Film LengthRatingThemes
The Search for Santa Paws20101 hour 36 minsUAction, Drama, Comedy
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups20121 hour 28 minsUAdventure, Family
The Dog Who Saved Christmas20091 hour 29 minsPGComedy
The Dog Who Saved the Holidays20121 hour 23 minsPGComedy, Family
Chilly Christmas aka A Christmas Tail20091 hour 24 hoursN/AComedy, Drama, Family

Golden Retriever Names From Films

There were so many names for the dogs in all of these films. If you’re looking for name inspiration for your gorgeous Golden Retrievers, check out this post.

Check out the names of the dogs from these films:

  • Mario, Luigi, Pasquale, and Jake.
  • Chilly Christmas.
  • Zeus and Eve.
  • Noble, Hope, Charity, and Jingle.
  • Paws and Santa Paws.
  • Rory, Jumper, Tinkle, Snoozer, and Scarf.
  • Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha, and Mudbud.

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