How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?

At the time of writing this, the average cost to buy a Golden Retriever in the UK is between £3000 and £4000. This cost can vary for a number of factors and can change at any time. 

Your average cost may vary depending on:

  • Where you’re looking for your new pet (check out the tips below on how to avoid being ripped off).
  • Have the parents been health tested?
  • What do you want your pet for? (showing, working, or a family pet).
  • Are they from a professional breeder?

Read on to dive deeper into these factors and find out exactly what affects the cost of buying a Golden Retriever.

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How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live For?

A healthy Golden Retriever’s life span is 10-12 years on average. In some cases, this will, unfortunately, be less, while in others you’ll be blessed with extra time to spend with your Golden Retriever.

There are some notable exceptions to this average life expectancy. For instance, Augie turned 20 in April 2020 and she was the oldest known Golden Retriever before her passing on 31st March 2021.

Read on for more details – including how long you should expect a Golden Retriever to live and tips on keeping your Golden Retriever healthy.

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Golden Retriever Hip & Elbow Scores Explained

When you’re getting a new Golden Retriever, you should be checking that certain tests have been carried out. Two of those tests carried out are hip and elbow scoring tests. These test for two common issues found in a lot of large breed dogs – Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Both of these conditions can be passed down to the offspring via either parent.

When looking for a new Golden Retriever puppy, you should always ensure that you’re getting them from a responsible breeder.

A responsible breeder cares about the longevity and health of the breed. They will always health check their dog/bitch prior to breeding them to ensure that the litters produced only carry desirable traits. 

Read on to find out exactly what that means and how it affects you and your Golden Retriever.

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Golden Retriever Heat Cycles Explained

Once the initial excitement of bringing home a beautiful new Golden Retriever pup wears off you may have a few questions regarding her heat cycles. This is something that will affect every female dog, and the more you understand it the better prepared you’ll be.

You might wonder:

  • When will my Golden Retriever have her first season?
  • How often will my Golden Retriever have a season?
  • How long do Golden Retriever seasons last?
  • How will I know when my Golden Retriever comes into season?
  • What should I do when my Golden Retriever comes into season?

We’re going to cover everything you need to know and more in this short post.

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